WCC’s ‘Career mode’ lets you experience the thrill of a cricket career (July 2020)
July 03, 2020

Mumbai, 3rd July 2020: World Cricket Championship, the most sought after cricket franchise, has now revealed its full-fledged ‘Career Mode’ in its third edition – WCC 3 Beta 2 version in the mobile cricket game. WCC’s brand new “career mode” is the most comprehensive of its kind in any game of the genre. Gamers will experience the thrill of professional cricket by guiding their player throughout the cricket season which sprawls across 3 brackets, 25 series, and 400+ matches with a built-in challenging performance decision system which determines your rise in ranks starting from a local club to the national, league or international level.

You can install this game on Android from the link below:

WCC 3’s career mode stands apart with a 3D motion capture feature in a mobile cricket game along with other exclusive features like dynamic difficulty, choice, perma match flow and decision making system and Visuals cut-scenes of the player getting selected, making it to the media and many moments of success and failure in a cricket career.

WCC 3 comes with a competitive multiplayer mode focusing on facing off with other players and becomes a communal activity which gamers can become part of 500 plus realistic animations simulate actual cricket. Updated gameplay mechanics, numerous new camera angles, real-time motion capture of athletes and professional cricketers, advanced artificial intelligence along with the bilingual commentary provide an enhanced, all-round gameplay experience.

The WCC 3 installation is being launched in 3 phases. The game saw an overwhelming response with 500,000 pre-registrations within 2 weeks’ time of the opening. The game also saw 2 million downloads with commentators Aakash Chopra and Matthew Hayden with the Beta 1 launch on May 11th. The WCC franchise boasts over 110 million downloads, with 15 million monthly active users and approx. 3 million users daily. The franchise has been a long standing successful cricket game and rated among the top 10 games in terms of monthly active users in India for 4 years in a row.

Among many other features that promise to make career Mode one of the most challenging game modes to be added to WCC 3, some of the unique features include;

  • New Controls – While bowling, users can take full control over the deliveries, with fine-tuned variations in pace, swing, spin and pitch spot. The game adds finesse with special deliveries such as googlies, reverse swing, leg and off cutters and so on. While batting, users can also control run, sprint and dive to the crease when needed. This control helps in balancing the power against shot accuracy. The users also get to choose when to drive, loft or defend. And finally, being in control of the active fielders, deciding the merit of stops, throws and catches. The users also manage their ultimate team and their team members’ stamina, recovery and focus, which all play a part in on-field performance. All these improve as they upgrade their players in various disciplines.
  • Motions Captures – One of the features in mobile cricket that boosts the overall appeal of the game and makes it more realistic. For a quality 3D real-time motion in the game, the movements of a real-time actor or an athlete are captured, rather than animating each part of the 3D character by hand. This brings about a higher level of detail and nuance to the animation when a body is subjected to high momentum, force, and change in the center of gravity.
  • Visuals (Cut-scenes) – This feature displays the gradual career progression of a player’s success and failures in his journey through the software of Cut –scenes.
  • Choice –The freedom the game gives to each gamer to choose their players path towards a league player or an international player.
  • Decision impact – A performance decision system that decides whether or not a player will become a Legend in the Leagues or Gods of the International Cup.
  • Dynamic Difficulty – A rapid dynamic difficulty system giving a novice gamer and a professional gamer the befitting challenge according to the player’s skill and expertise

The Perma Match Flow – Players face real-game pressure situations and prove their skills in every single match. This feature eliminates the option to replay a match and thus makes the competition very real. Just like in real life, every decision will have consequences and one missed shot will make or break the player’s journey.

About World Cricket Championship Franchise

World Cricket Championship, the mobile cricket game franchise is the most downloaded and the most awarded cricket game franchise in the world. WCC franchise has crossed over 110 million in downloads and among the top 10 games in terms of monthly active users in India for 4 years in a row and the only Indian game with that distinction.

World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) from the stables of Nextwave Multimedia is the top-rated; No.1 mobile cricket game with the most downloads and daily active users. For three years in a row, WCC2 has been listed as Google’s Best of Games 2015, 2016 & 2017, App Annie’s Top 10 games by Monthly Users 2016, 2017 & 2018 and Apple’s Best of Games 2016, 2017 & 2018. WCC2 remains to be Google’s Editor Choice for four continuous years starting from 2016.

About Nextwave Multimedia

Nextwave Multimedia is a leading Mobile Game Company in India. A subsidiary of Nazara Technologies, India’s leading global gaming and sports media company. Nextwave develops quality casual and multi-player games in the sports genre. Nextwave has developed over 200 casual games for some of the best brands in the world including several Fortune 500 companies.

Games developed by Nextwave have seen over 110 million downloads across various platforms. Nextwave’s World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2) is currently the No. 1 mobile cricket game in the world. With substantial expertise in developing cricket-based games, Nextwave’s ‘Big Bash Cricket’ is the official game of Cricket Australia’s Big Bash League and “Battle of Chepauk” developed for the Chennai Super Kings, has seen over 8 million downloads, the most for any IPL team

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