Over the course of two decades, Nazara Technologies has grown from a games portal built by a tech-obsessed college student to India’s only listed games company, a multi-million dollar diversified gaming & sports media platform.
Beginning in 1999 and riding the waves of various dotcom booms & busts, global recessions & recoveries, the explosion in smartphone usage and the digitisation of our everyday lives, Nazara Technologies has survived the tests of time in what was then a nascent space for Indian entrepreneurs.
CEO, Founder & Joint MD Nitesh Mittersain: "I started coding games when I was seven. So, it became a lifelong passion for me. I used to see my friends and myself spend a lot of time in the computer centre playing games with each other. And it struck me that gaming has to become a large business in India. So, I jumped right into it without thinking too much. But, only when I really started the business, spent a few years in it, I realised the challenges of starting up a business."
Nitesh Mittersain
CEO, Founder & Joint MD
From spending time with Shammi Kapoor discussing the early days of the internet in India (as a member of the Internet Users Club) to working closely with Sachin Tendulkar on our first game, he’s been on an adventurous ride.
“Looking at all the possibilities, I promised myself just one thing: that we’ll build a business that is sustainable on its own.”
“We have been running a profitable business for many years and in this new age and space, I think that in itself is a superpower when most companies are losing money head over heels. We prefer to maintain stability in our internal teams, which in itself becomes a big differentiator for us."
Board of Directors
Key Management Personnel
Senior Management Personnel
Nazara Technologies relies almost exclusively on organic growth and strategic partnerships & acquisitions to help achieve our core goal.
Founded by Mr. Vikash Mittersain & Mr. Nitish Mittersain
Ushered content-led micro transaction model on telcos 
Strategic decision to be mobile-first
Investment by Westbridge Capital
Adapted & pivoted to ‘Friends of Nazara’ concept from Telco dominated model
Expanded into Freemium gaming
Entered eSports market with Nodwin acquisition
Expanded into RMG segment with Halaplay acquisition; cautious approach pending regulatory & tax clarity
Boosted content offering through Sportskeeda
Forayed into gamified early learning through acquisition of Kiddopia
Raised INR 510 Cr. from marquee investors
Launched publishing vertical for scaling Indian games and publishing international games in India
Acquisition of PFN by Sportskeeda and Branded by NODWIN
Corporate Structure
From esports tournaments to adtech startups, our network has served to help us make India THE gaming nation of the world!