Nazara Technologies launches ‘Nazara Publishing’
October 30, 2023

Nazara Technologies launches ‘Nazara Publishing’ toexpand game portfolio for Indian and international markets


October 30, 2023

Nazara Technologies Limited introduced a new gamepublishing arm called “Nazara Publishing” to launch games for both theIndian and international markets.

The company will collaborate with various Indian and globaldevelopers to adapt and introduce these games to the extensive gaming communityin India, as well as publish games created by Indian developers worldwide.

Nazara has committed to investing a minimum of ₹1 crore per game andplans to roll out up to 20 games within the next 18 months. Beyond financialsupport, Nazara will offer developers assistance in areas such as game design,localization, data analytics capabilities, beta testing, quality assurance,enhanced monetization, and distribution through user acquisition efforts andplatform partnerships.


Nitish Mittersain, CEO & Joint MD of Nazara Technologies, stated,“We are dedicated to nurturing both Indian and global game developers,providing resources, expertise, and a robust network to bring top-tier gamingexperiences to India’s vast audience. With a special focus on supporting Indiandevelopers, Nazara sees a significant opportunity in the Make-in-Indiainitiative and as part of this initiative, we will also promote Indian gamedevelopers globally.”

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