Gamified Early Learning

Kiddopia is a subscription-based app, which caters primarily to children aged between two and six years and is COPPA Certified by KidSAFE. Through gamification, the app delivers an immersive, self-directed learning experience for subscribers on a number of subjects, ranging from mathematics, languages and general knowledge to developing social, creativity and self-expression skills, all through fun and intuitive game play with stunning visuals.

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Utah, WildWorks is one of the most successful and established game studios in the US focused on the kids aged 8-12 years.

WildWorks Animal Jam game is an online playground for kids who love animals and the natural world. Available on iOS and Android mobile devices in addition to Mac and PC computers, the game features world building and multiplayer games in a closely moderated social play space and offers a wealth of free STEAM-oriented educational content that players can access in the app and through the AJ Academy website