How Nazara changed its game plan

25th April, 2018

Nitish Mittersain, the founder of Nazara Games, got into the game early by launching the company fresh out of college in 1999. The going was really tough, with both monetisation and capital next to impossible.
“Those years defined the DNA and thought process of the company. The period 2002 to 2004 was challenging. Our business idea was too premature and we desperately needed more customers and contracts with telecom companies. At the same time, we were focused on maintaining our assetlight model,” said Mittersain.
In 2005, the gaming firm turned to cricket and reached out to cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar for a three-year exclusive contract. That masterstroke put Nazara on a firmer wicket. After Mittersain managed to convince Tendulkar to come on board, contracts with telecom companies fell into place and investment firm Westbridge Capital invested $1.5 million in Nazara Games.
“Westbridge investment helped us on strategy, mobile development and corporate governance. Today, as we embark on an IPO, we realise that lessons from the past played a huge role in our growth and success,” Mittersain said.