Nazara Games launches GameX 2.0 in Phillipines (May 2016)

Mobile users gets a chance to experience the best in gaming in Phillipines

India, May 12th 2016: Nazara Technologies which is one of the largest mobile games developers and publisher in India, today launched GameX 2.0 a one stop gaming destination for all Philippine mobile users. Nazara is also launching in Philippines its popular gaming service called Games Club wherein the end user can play 500 + games of different genres for a low price point of PHP5 per day. This will be opened to both SMART & SUN Subscribers

Nazara continues to give mobile users a chance to experience the best in gaming by launching GameX2.0 that provides the best gaming experience without burning a hole in the user’s pocket, instead, it puts the entire world of gaming in the user’s hand making it user friendly. By using the gaming platform provided by Nazara which includes Content Management System – Content Providers can upload their content on to the GameX Portal.

With the launch of Games X2.0, the mobile subscribers get the ability to enjoy different types of games on Java, Android, HTML and Social games. Mobile users get acsecc to exclauive, high quality gaming content across different genres.It not only enhances the customer’s mobile gaming experience, it also provides latest and upto to date engaging content with its innovative and core offerings.

To subscribe to the game, users need to pay per download with the subscriber’s ownership of the content or refer to the rental model where subscribers can play the game only when subscribed -all you can eat / play all you can with ownership of downloaded content. Mobile users can download and install unlimited games on their mobile phones and play the games until their subscription is expired. The subscription falls under two categories:

  • Freemium or free to play with in-app purchase
  • Purchases of games via voucher codes